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Includes: New Filter Baskets, New Orings, Pintal Caps and Before & After Flow Test Report.

"Trusted For Over 20 Years."

Have your fuel injectors Rebuilt Here.

All types of gasoline fuel injectors guaranteed to be restored to peak performance for $18.00 each.

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Upon receiving your injectors in our shop, they are serviced in one to two days and immediately shipped back to you with the shipping service you choose - Guaranteed!

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Print an AIS shipping form and send us your injectors today.

AIS offers a complete and total fuel injector cleaning and flow testing service that includes:

Ultrasonic Cleaning | Individual Back Flushing | High Pressure Reverse Flow Cleaning | Leak Test | Spray Pattern Test | Flow Measuring Test | New O-Rings, Filter Baskets, and Seals

Report of injector conditions before and after cleaning service and returned within 1 to 2 days of receiving the injectors.